July 2017 Meeting Notes

It was great seeing everyone for our July meeting Here's what we discussed.

General Announcements

We have purchased the lpatl.com domain name and have it forwarding to our main lpatl.org domain! This will make it easier for people to find us. We also have our bank account set up and can start receiving donations. Please head over to http://www.lpatl.org/donate and test it out(read:make a donation).

Public Policy

These are the issues we are working on being proactive on advocating for, but is no means an exhaustive list of the issues we will take part in. If there is anything that is important to you, feel free to mention it at a meeting or send me an email at lpatl@lpatl.org!

Marijuana Legalization

The Peachtree NORML Potluck was a lot of fun, even if it was sweltering hot. It was great to just hang out with folks and really meet and socialize with other people who believe individuals shouldn't be criminalized for what they put in their own bodies.

The same as last month, there is still a proposed city ordinance, 17-0-1152, to decriminalize possession of under an ounce of marijuana. It is held up in committee so we need folks reaching out to the Atlanta City Council, specifically folks on the Public Safety and Legal Administration Committee, and let them know that we support the ordinance!

Here is a list of the council members that are part of that committee:

Andre Dickens - Chair - adickens@atlantaga.gov
Michael Julian Bond - mbond@atlantaga.gov
Cleta Winslow - cwinslow@atlantaga.gov
C.T. Martin - cmartin@atlantaga.gov
Yolanda Adrean - yadrean@atlantaga.gov
Ivory Lee Young, Jr.ilyoung@atlantaga.gov
Felicia Moore - fmoore@atlantaga.gov

School Choice

We've reached out to EdChoice to see what sort of options we have as an organization. They have pointed us towards two organizations:

Georgia GOAL

Georgia Center for Opportunity

More research needs to be done to see if these organizations are a good fit for us to get involved with.

Fourth Amendment

We've launched http://www.lpatl.org/fourth_amendment! Big thanks to Tim Smith and Laura Williams for working on this and getting it ready to be published!

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions making a renewed effort to increase civil asset forfeiture, the Libertarian Party of Atlanta is taking a stand against it. We will be launching a petition soon to tell Georgia legislators that we want them to pass legislation to limit the states ability to use civil asset forfeiture.

We are also working on other Fourth Amendment issues that are affecting the people of Atlanta, and Georgia to help insure protections are in place.


If you'd like to be a candidate or help on a campaign, please sign up at http://www.lpatl.org/political. We are always looking for people to run for office as our goal is to run Libertarians up and down every ballot in Atlanta! If you're unsure of where you want to run and just want to talk to someone about it, please reach out to me at lpatl@lpatl.org.

Current Candidates

  • Ryan Graham - Public Service Commission for District 3 - https://graham4ga.com/
  • Demond Kennedy - Georgia House of Representatives for District 90
  • Keith Lisenbee - Brookhaven City Council for District 1


On July 16, Venezuelans organized an unofficial referendum to challenge a grab of power by President Maduro. The Ryan Graham for Georgia campaign and the Libertarian Party of Atlanta were invited to be international observers during this process. It was absolutely amazing to see so many people getting out and making sure their voices are being heard! Our newest member, Luis Lovera, spoke to us at the meeting about what is going on in Venezuela.

We'll be working on getting some LP Atlanta folks out to Pure Heat Community Festival to hand out libertarian messaging. Our aim is to get a booth, but if we can't raise enough money we'll be out and about talking to folks and spreading the ideas of liberty. Please donate to the party to help with costs.

LP Georgia will be tabling and marching during Atlanta Pride. We will also be tabling at the Netroots Nation convention coming up August 10 - 13. We'll be looking for volunteers for those opportunities soon.

We are still looking for more opportunities to table at festivals around Atlanta.

Kevin Fortune volunteers regularly to head out to popular places around town, like Little 5 Points, and hand out literature and talk Liberty. It's an excellent opportunity to get experience and help the brand! If you're interested, please contact me at lpatl@lpatl.org and I will get your information to Kevin.


Brunch at Cafe 458

We will be having a brunch at Cafe 458 on July 30 at 10:30AM. Cafe 458 is a restaurant that supports the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency and has excellent food! Looking forward to making this a Libertarian Party of Atlanta tradition! Make sure to RSVP so we have a good head count for the day of!

August Anniversary

Our August meeting will be a bit special as it is the unofficial anniversary of the Libertarian Party of Atlanta starting to meet up! We will be moving the time from 2PM to 6PM and we'll have special speakers from the various projects we've worked on! Please be sure to check it out! The Facebook event can be found here.

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